How many times have you looked at your hair in the mirror and said, “This is not how it is supposed to be.” You want healthy, voluminous, shiny, and smooth hair, but the mirror shows you something different. You secretly wish for a solution to all your hair care problems, and now, your wish is granted. Moroccan hair oil is the answer to your prayers.

Since then, Moroccan hair oil has taken the cosmetic world by storm. Earlier, this was just another product tourists in Morocco bought from curio shops. Today, Morocco’s oil, also known as “liquid gold” has soared in popularity. In fact, it is currently one of the most expensive vegetable oils around. The reason for its great leap in popularity is simple – Moroccan hair oil is unbelievably effective.

You will see stellar results within just a few days of use. What makes Moroccan hair oil so amazing? The truth is, Moroccan oil is many hair care products rolled into one. The number of benefits packed into a tiny bottle will leave you spellbound. So, here it is – credible and exhaustive information on Moroccan hair oil and how to use it.

1. Shield Your Hair from Heat-Damage with Liquid Gold

styling your hair with ironsLet’s face it – the fast-paced life your living makes blow-drying your hair necessary. And admit it – you love styling your hair with irons to give you a trendy and fashionable look. Although you wouldn’t want to give up these advantages, you are concerned about heat damage, aren’t you?

Sadly, the cuticle, your hair strand’s outermost layer, offers only limited defense against heat damage. But, the matter isn’t totally out of your control. You can bolster your hair’s natural defense using Moroccan hair oil.

To do this, apply a few drops of the oil on your hair before using a blow dryer or iron. The oil forms a protective layer on top of the cuticle, increasing your hair’s thermal defense. As a result, hair fall or hair damage resulting from heat damage reduces significantly.

2. Tame Frizzy Hair with Moroccan Oil Treatment

Have you ever seen a magnified image of a hair strand? If you haven’t, the hair strand resembles fish’s skin. Many flat cells, arranged like scales on a fish, make up your hair’s cuticle. Your hair feels soft to touch when these cells remain in alignment. When some of the cells go out of alignment, your hair feels rough. This is because the misaligned cells form tiny speed bumps along your hair.

Using Moroccan hair oil, you can correct misalignments. You can create your own anti-frizz spray with Moroccan oil. To do this, mix a teaspoon of Moroccan oil with a few drops of essential oils of your choice. Add two tablespoons of aloe gel to the mixture. Pour water to the mixture until the solution is of the right consistency. Transfer the solution to a spray bottle. There you go – your own homemade  anti-frizz spray.

Before using your DIY anti-frizz spray, shake the bottle well. After using the spray, store it in your refrigerator. For best results, spray your hair after showering and before blow-drying.

3. Moroccan Oil Makes Your Hair Resistant to Chemical Exposure

Photo by Dean Wissing / CC BY-SA

Did you know – the top layer of your hair, the cuticle, is translucent? Your hair’s color comes from pigments in the second layer of your hair, known as the cortex.  Frequent chemical treatments, such as coloring or dyeing, damages the cuticle and weakens the cortex. Here’s how that happens.

When you color your hair, the coloring agent opens the cuticle to allow the color to reach the cortex. The process of opening the cuticle can damage it. Eventually, the chemicals weaken the cortex as well. Since your hair’s mechanical strength depends on the condition of your cortex, coloring and dying leads to hair loss and hair breakage.

Moroccan hair oil treatment prior to chemical treatments, such as coloring or dyeing, can significantly reduce the risk of permanent hair damage. For every night, a week before you color your hair, use Moroccan hair oil as a leave-in conditioner.

To do this, coat your hair with the oil before you sleep. Then wash the oil next morning with a mild shampoo. A week-long Moroccan oil hair treatment strengthens your hair and makes it resistant to chemical damage.

4. Moroccan Oil Helps Your Scalp and Hair Retain Moisture

Run your fingers through your hair. Does it feel dry, coarse, rough, or tangled? If so, it may be because your hair doesn’t have enough moisture in it. Your hair needs hydration – just like every other part of your body does. So, let’s look at the right way to hydrate your hair.

After you shower, pat dry your hair with a clean towel until your hair is damp, but not wet. Then spread a few drops of Moroccan hair oil, such as Skinception’s argan oil, on your palms and run your palms through your hair. Work on your hair in sections until the oil forms a light coat on all the hair strands.

The coat of oil offers two benefits. Firstly, it keeps the moisture in your hair from leaving. Secondly, it absorbs moisture from the air to keep your hair moisturized. If your hair is extremely dry, you must moisturize your hair twice a day until your hair’s texture and appearance improve. Then, you can gradually reduce the frequency to a level that’s enough to maintain that look and feel.

5. Nourish Your Hair at a Deep Level Using Moroccan Oil

Nourish Your Hair
Photo by Betsy Jons / CC BY-SA

One of the top Moroccan hair oil benefits stems from the oil’s chemical composition. Unsaturated fatty acids make up more than 95 percent of the oil. Unsaturated fatty acids are small in size and have polarized heads. For these reasons, they can penetrate your cuticle easily and reach the cortex.

Moroccan hair oil’s ability to go deep into your hair strands makes it a stand-out hair care product. While a lot of products work at a superficial level, Moroccan hair oil provides deep conditioning. In addition to this, there is another benefit. Since your hair absorbs Moroccan oil well, your hair doesn’t feel greasy or weighed down after applying the oil.

6. Morocco’s Oil Suppresses Excess Sebum Production

Your scalp has glands known as sebaceous glands. The sebaceous glands produce natural oils that keep your scalp soft and pliable. Sometimes, the glands over-produce natural oils. Dirt and other impurities get lodged in your scalp as a result of too much oil. This makes your hair feel dirty and deteriorates your scalps hygiene.

Moroccan hair oil prevents excessive sebum production and makes your scalp less oily. In addition to this, your hair becomes easier to clean. Regular use of Moroccan hair oil reduces the time, effort, and cost required to maintain healthy and radiant hair.

7. This Light, Absorbable Oil Leaves Your Pores Unclogged

The hair strands in your scalp grow out of tiny openings called pores. The pores house hair follicles – the portion of your hair where growth takes place. Comedogenic oils, such as coconut oil, can block these pores. Blocked pores impede hair growth and weaken your hair’s root.

Moroccan oil, on the other hand, is non-comedogenic. This means Moroccan oil does not clog the pores. So, your hair can grow out of the follicles without any obstruction. Consequently, your hair not only becomes thicker but also becomes strong and break-resistant.

8. Liquid Gold Reduces Friction Between Your Hair Strands

combing your hairFriction keeps tires on the road, prevents you from slipping on the floor, and allows you to hold a cup of coffee without spilling it all over the place. In many situations, friction is a good thing. But, when it comes to combing your hair, friction is bad.

Friction opposes smooth movement of your comb or brush through your hair. The opposing force causes resistance. To overcome the resistance, you apply more force or pressure. The excess force or pressure, in turn, strains your hair. Eventually, it causes hair fall and breakage.

Applying Moroccan hair oil before you style your hair reduces friction between your hair strands. Less friction allows you to style your hair without straining it. This is true irrespective of what type of hair you have.  For this reason, people can use Moroccan hair oil for curly hair or straight hair.  You will see a monumental improvement in the ease with which you can run a comb through your hair.

9. Increase Your Hair’s Volume with Moroccan Hair Oil

Sometimes you look into the mirror and your hair looks “deflated.” There’s neither bounce nor volume. You brush it many times and style it in different ways, but frustratingly it still looks flat. Annoying, isn’t it? Well, Moroccan hair oil can fix this.

When you feel that your hair lacks volume and bounce, use Moroccan oil to make a hair mask. To do this, apply Moroccan oil generously on your hair. Leave the oil for half an hour. Then, rinse your hair with water. Use a mild shampoo if necessary. Repeat the treatment every two or three days. You will see an appreciable increase in volume and bounce within a few weeks.

10. Add Gloss to Your Hair with Moroccan Oil Treatments

glow in your hairUncut and rough diamonds look nothing like the gleaming jewels you see in ornaments. A craftsman carefully cuts and polishes a raw diamond to make its surface reflective. In the same manner, your hair’s reflective properties depend on the condition of your hair’s cuticle.

If the cuticle is rough and unhealthy, it is similar to a raw diamond. To bring out the glow in your hair, you must polish and smoothen your cuticle. To do this, you can use Moroccan oil. Moroccan oil treatment reinforces your hair’s cuticle, restoring its reflectiveness. So, if you want a luxurious glow and flow, use Moroccan hair oil as a leave-in conditioner or as a hair mask.

11. Moroccan Oil Acts as a Natural Styling Agent

One of the properties of your hair is plasticity. Plasticity means that you can style and shape your hair as you like. But, if your hair is weak and damaged, it loses its plasticity. To compensate for the loss, you use styling agents. The irony is, artificial styling agents further degrade your hair’s plasticity.

Moroccan hair oil ingredients, however, are a natural styling agent. It helps you style your hair as you like. Plus, it helps your hair hold the style. More importantly, it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals that diminish your hair’s integrity. The anti-frizz spray, which we spoke about earlier, can also double as a styling agent.

12. This Liquid Gold Even Neutralizes Dangerous Free Radicals

Although the portion of the hair you can see is biologically inactive, the part that’s within the scalp is alive. This live part of your hair is the hair follicle. The cell division propelling hair growth happens in the follicle.

Free radicals can stall the cell division process. To make sure that your hair grows without interruption, you need compounds that can neutralize free radical. In this regard, antioxidants are the perfect solution. Antioxidants combine with free radicals to form harmless substances. In this manner, it keeps your follicles safe from free radical threats.

13. Block the Sun’s Harmful Ultraviolet Rays by Applying Moroccan Gold

UV rays degrade the quality of your hair
Photo by Zivya / CC BY-SA

The sun’s rays contain ultraviolet (UV) radiations. The UV rays degrade the quality of your hair. These rays can also damage your hair follicles and scalp. To shield your hair from the harmful components of the sun’s rays, you need a sun blocker.

Moroccan hair oil can protect your hair from UV rays. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, then you must use Moroccan oil. This is especially true if you have chemically treated hair. During a shower, use Moroccan oil as a conditioner. After a shower, use it as a sunblock.

14. Morocco’s Oil Gives High-Quality Hair Care at Affordable Prices

Moroccan oil prices seem intimidating at first sight. You might think, “$50 for this wee little bottle? Are you crazy?” But, drop your concerns for a moment. Remember, you will need only a few drops of Moroccan oil per use. A one-ounce bottle can last at least a month – two months if you are using it only for your hair.

Not only that, regular use of Moroccan oil eliminates the need for many other hair products, such as anti-frizz spray, thermal defense solution, hair mask, moisturizer, and leave-in conditioner. So, when you think about it, Moroccan hair oil addresses all your hair care needs for a cost roughly equal to a large pizza. The truth is – considering all the benefits you get, Moroccan hair oil is not expensive at all.

15. Identify the Best Product for Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment to Buy

After reading these exciting benefits, you’re probably wondering, “Where can I buy Moroccan hair oil?” The good news is – premium grade Moroccan oil is more accessible than ever. If you want to get your hands on the product pronto, buy Moroccan hair oil at Walmart, Target, or many other retail outlets.

If you don’t mind the delivery time, you can purchase it online. Thanks to the internet and retail powerhouses, Moroccan oil isn’t as exotic as it used to be.

The bad news – unscrupulous cosmetic companies rip you off by selling shoddy products. To protect you and your hard-earned money from parting unnecessarily, you should make sure that your product:

  • moroccan oil
    Photo by Tienvbui / CC BY-SA

    It Must Come From Morocco. Many other countries manufacture knock-offs and market them as “genuine” Moroccan oil. These knock-offs are of inferior and inconsistent quality.

  • Make Sure It Contains 100-Percent Pure Moroccan Oil. In order to reduce manufacturing cost, companies mix Moroccan oil with cheaper oils. Read the ingredients in your product to see whether the product contains Moroccan oil in its undiluted form.
  • Check to See If it is Cold-Pressed. Cold-pressing is a production process that extracts Moroccan oil without using any chemicals. Refined Moroccan oil, however, contains Moroccan oil obtained from chemical treatment.
  • Be Sure it Meets Your Cosmetic Needs. Cosmetic Moroccan oil comes from unroasted argan kernels. Culinary Moroccan oil comes from roasted argan kernels. When you buy Moroccan oil for beauty treatment, make sure that it is the cosmetic variety.
  • It Should Receive Good Reviews. Consistent positive ratings in Moroccan hair oil reviews is a sign of a premium product that’s worth your attention and money.
  • The Label Should Say it is From a Fair-Trade Cooperative. Ensure that your product is responsibly sourced. To do this, buy products made by Moroccan cooperatives.
  • Look for a Solid Refund Policy. Refund policies allow you to recover a part of your investment in case you aren’t satisfied with the product.

Pure Moroccan oil is expensive. As a corollary, the less expensive options aren’t always pure. Exercising some caution, a little wisdom, and some common sense can save you a lot of money and trouble. Keep your money safe – and always follow the guidelines you just read.

Say Goodbye to Bad Hair Days Forever

Moroccan hair oil
Photo by GIOCONDA Centru de Frumusete / CC BY

Maintaining your hair at its best day after day is difficult. You must clean it, condition it, moisturize it, style it, nourish it and protect it. This is exhausting, right? Fortunately, you have a product that does all the heavy lifting for you. That product is Moroccan hair oil.

So, why not let liquid gold do all the hard work? All you have to do then is wait for all those compliments to come your way. The best news is, it is all natural and healthy for your hair.

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