Argan oil is one of the most popular multipurpose products that women purchase today. From cooking to hair treatments to facial routines, argan oil has been referred to as “liquid gold” since its rise to popularity in 2008. And it indeed could be considered as such, because of its efficacy and versatility.

What most of us don’t know is that people have used and valued argan oil since ancient times. The reason is has grown in popularity is because it is now easier and faster to produce. The most important things to understand is that argan oil can become rancid or impure, so here are some ways to make sure it is suitable for you to use.

Know the Difference: Cosmetic vs. Culinary Argan Oil

argan tree
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Argan oil originates from Morocco and comes from the argan tree. The locals use the plant’s oil to dip in bread during breakfast, or to drizzle on couscous or pasta. It has an overall positive footprint and impact on the environment, too.

Besides its original purpose to its locals as being a healthy food garnish, one of the main reasons why argan oil has become popular is because of its cosmetic use. Argan oil is typically used on the face and hair, which are two of the most important physical aspects of your appearance, as well as strengthening your nails.

100-percent pure argan oil is quite expensive and sold in small quantities, typically in one ounce or 30 milliliters when used for cosmetic purposes. They’re usually in dark glass bottles, too, to keep sunlight from destroying their many properties.

Argan oil used in cooking is typically produced in larger quantities and priced more affordably, as well. It undergoes a different process than cosmetic argan oil for production. You can’t use the edible kind of argan oil for your face and hair or vice versa.

The next important step is to understand the differences between pure and impure argan oil, so you will end up with a quality product to use, whether it is for cooking or for cosmetic purposes.

Simple Ways to Tell if Your Argan Oil is Impure

argan oilJust like any other organic product, argan oil has an expiration date. You wouldn’t want to spend a lot of money on something that has become rancid now, would you? This is especially a more sensitive issue for cosmetic grade argan oil.

So, we’re here to help you spot simple ways that could tell that your argan oil is impure. Look out for tips on how to shop for argan oil the smart way, as well as keeping it fresh for a longer time.

1. Take a Look at Where Your Argan Oil Comes From Originally.

Every time we buy products, we always generally look at the label that says, “pure,” “authentic” and “organic.” While this is extremely important and more about common sense, we also have to look at the argan oil’s origin.

Argan oil is native to Morocco and from there alone. There have been advertising schemes that boast of some companies being able to find argan oil someplace else, or creating an equally amazing alternative, but don’t be fooled.

  • Shopping Tip: if it doesn’t blatantly say “Moroccan argan oil,” then it’s probably a scam. Be vigilant and put down that bottle if you don’t see one of the most obvious things that should be there in the first place.

2. Take a Long Look at The Argan Oil’s Ingredients List.

pure argan oilPure argan oil should clearly reflect on the label of the bottle that it is 100-percent pure argan oil. If there’s anything else listed, you can be sure you’re not getting authentic argan oil that you purchased with your hard-earned money.

Be smart by paying a lot of attention to the label. You can’t expect for all argan oil to be of the same caliber and contents. You might get scammed if you don’t scour the label for the ingredients to look for the things that matter.

  • Shopping Tip: Take a look online for reputable argan oil brands. Well-reviewed products are the brands you can trust. People won’t leave good reviews for a poor product, so listen to the feedback from other consumers. The next tip is the key to finding real argan oil.

3. Dark Glass Bottles are Your Best Bet for Fresh Argan Oil.

As mentioned earlier, argan oil is usually sold in dark glass bottles. Sunlight can destroy the amazing properties argan oil is known for by breaking down its particles. Trust dark glass bottles, rather than shying away from them, no matter how counterintuitive that may sound.

Aluminum or stainless steel containers work as well, although they aren’t as popular. Plastic bottles or clear glass bottles are something to avoid. Knowing this information can save you from a lot of troubles when shopping for argan oil, so keep this in mind.

  • Freshness Tip: Keep your argan oil fresher for longer by storing your bottles away from direct sunlight. Avoid musty and humid areas, as well. The price of your argan oil says a lot, too.

4. Check to See if The Price is Right.

productionArgan oil takes a long time to produce. It isn’t something that gets commercially produced, but rather, it positively affects many people’s lives in terms of its production by helping them make a living. Naturally, argan oil is expensive. After all, it didn’t get its nickname, “liquid gold” for no reason, but because it takes a long time and much effort to produce.

But that’s not all. While you’re being wary of inexpensive argan oil, you should be very well wary of those that are very expensive as well. Don’t let expensive packaging and flowery words fool you. We all know what argan oil can do, but advertisements exploit it further.

  • Shopping Tip: don’t buy the first bottle of argan oil you see right away. Try to compare different brands and prices first. You don’t always get the best quality of argan oil with the most expensive bottle.

Remember: argan oil of any brand, as long as it’s pure, has the same benefits. Make sure you double check the price and don’t fall for false advertising. Now let’s talk about the right color for argan oil. You should also think about the color of your argan oil.

5. Check for The Right Shade of Argan Oil.

color of your argan oilYou are now well aware that argan oil comes in two forms: culinary and cosmetic. It pays to get to know the difference between the two in terms of their coloring. Typically, argan oil used for cosmetic purposes has a light golden yellow color. If it’s golden brown, you’re looking at culinary argan oil.

Oils that are lighter in shade are not pure argan oil, but most likely blended with other oils and ingredients. Stay away from this because that’s not pure argan oil and you will end up paying for an inferior product.

  • Shopping Tip: Argan oil rarely has testers in beauty shops and drug stores, as to not waste any product. Upon purchasing, try to observe the color of your argan oil as you disperse a few pumps. The texture of argan oil is important, too.

6. Feel for The Right Texture of Your Argan Oil.

Usually, argan oil should be smooth, non-sticky, and not over-watery. It also shouldn’t leave an obvious oily cast on your skin after a few minutes. Argan oil sinks and disappears on your skin, making it a good ad famous facial moisturizer.

If your argan oil feels too sticky and feels heavy on your face, despite only applying a little amount, which is around one or two pumps, then you should reevaluate the quality of the argan oil in your possession.

Conversely, if argan oil feels too light and almost like water, then it might be diluted and impure. You might have either purchased the wrong bottle, or it got contaminated from other products in your bathroom.

Be careful if you feel a stinging sensation when you apply argan oil. Argan oil should be soothing to your skin and should never cause you any pain. It might be contaminated, and in this case, wash it off right away.

  • Freshness Tip: when storing your argan oil, make sure that it’s separate from your other cosmetic bottles, and away from your sink and shower area. Getting water in your oil is wasteful, so you have to be careful about where you store it. The next tip involves your nose, which will help you find fresh argan oil every time.

7. Smell What Comes Out of The Bottle.

culinary argan oilWhen it comes to food products, arguably the best way to discover when a product is rancid is when it smells horrible. Fresh argan oil doesn’t stink at all, and in fact, it doesn’t give off a strong odor.

If you think that your argan oil smells good enough to eat, then that must be culinary argan oil and the way it should smell. Remember, you don’t get the same results with culinary argan oil when you use it for cosmetic purposes.

Culinary argan oil is made out of roasted argan kernels, and this means good news for the meals you want to prepare with argan oil. It is harder to obtain the same effects from roasted kernels. For this reason, culinary argan oil doesn’t offer the desired effects on your hair, skin, and nails as cosmetic grade argan oil made from unroasted kernels.

You should also be careful of purchasing argan oil that is completely odorless. Argan oil still gives off a light, nutty aroma. Odorless argan oil may not always spell out bad new, though. It could be deodorized, made with a machine, and other factors could be present, but usually if it doesn’t smell like anything, it could be mixed with something else.

  • Freshness Tip: Every time you use your argan oil, make sure to place the cap back on and screw it firmly in place. This will preserve the life of your argan oil while keeping any unwanted germs and other products from seeping into the bottle.

When it comes to sediment, did you know argan oil is supposed to have some? Let’s find out why.

8. Observe The Sediment in Your Bottle of Argan Oil.

bottle of argan oilPure and authentic argan oil has little bits of particles, or sediment that settles at the bottom. This is actually quite normal. The bottom of the bottle, when observed in artificial light, can also appear to look cloudy. This is another common characteristic of real argan oil.

If you notice that your argan oil looks perfectly clear, it might be possible that a lot of heat and machines were involved in its production. It could be thoroughly filtered, which isn’t always the best news when it comes to argan oil.

Think of it this way: The less your argan oil is touched by manufacturers’ machines, the purer and more original it is. And that’s how you want it to be, pure and direct from the source.

  • Shopping Tip: You can easily spot the appearance of your argan oil from the bottle, even though it is stored in dark glass. It will not be damaging to the product if you observe it for a couple of seconds under artificial light. Now that you know how to find pure argan oil, let’s talk about the many benefits it can bring you.

9. When it Comes to Argan Oil, The Results Should be Clear.

Argan oil has tons of uses and boasts a lot of benefits. If you truly have the real thing, you should be able to feel or see the difference right away, rather than wondering if it is pure or not.

In cosmetics, you should expect to get wonderful effects on your hair, some improvement on your nails, or any other positive changes you intended to use it for. For culinary uses, you can easily taste the difference in your first bite.

The only thing that differs is cosmetic argan oil will, of course, show its effects progressively and as long as you continue to use the product. Don’t expect too much out of the product right away or start longing for change to happen after the first use, though.

Argan Oil for Cosmetic Use Can Bring You Many Benefits.

few drops of argan oilFor culinary use, you can simply substitute argan oil for most recipes that call for olive or vegetable oil. However, in cosmetics, here are just some of the many things that argan oil is well known for:

Use it as a facial moisturizer. People use it after cleansing and toning in lieu of a commercially-produced cream moisturizer containing synthetic ingredients. Argan oil is considered a dry oil and is not too greasy, for this purpose. Your face will absorb it in no time.

Create a hydrating toner. This is especially good for people with dry skin because your toner, with the help of a few drops of argan oil, can simultaneously hydrate your face.

Create your own lip scrub by adding argan oil to brown sugar. Slough off the dry skin that lip balm can’t get rid of and be amazed by the results. Apply a drop of argan oil on your lips as a substitute to lip balm. It’s going to work so well, that you might never have to buy lip balm ever again.

Use it as a leave-on conditioner. Adding a few drops of argan oil while your hair is still wet can help it seep in your roots and hair, giving you a hair treatment on the go.

Use argan oil as your overnight hair treatment. You can exceed the usual small amount you put on your hair for this one. You can, of course, wrap your hair with a towel so as to not stain your pillows. Wake up to smooth, silky hair the next morning.

Argan oil is great for your skin, as well. You can use it as a bath and body oil during your next trip to the tub. You can add argan oil to your favorite lotion, too. Bonus: You can even minimize stretch marks on your pregnant belly when you apply this on your skin regularly, as well.

Your heels and cuticles need a softener, too. Argan oil can do just that. It will encourage nail growth, and soften your hard cuticles and cracked heels. When used as a foot cream, cover your feet with socks to prevent staining on your sheets.

Shop for Your Argan Oil Product with Ease.
purchasing the right bottle of argan oil

Argan oil is hailed for beauty and lifestyle uses, and rightly so. It offers a lot of positive impact on its surroundings, the people using it, and even the people who manufacture it, and this is why we should be careful in purchasing the right bottle of argan oil.

There are many brands and many stores, but the most important thing is to find an authentic product that will live up to the name and fame of this liquid gold. Don’t forget to go over all the shopping tips and tricks on how to make sure that your product lasts longer. This will ensure that you get the most bang out of your buck.

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