Argan oil, also known as liquid gold, is gaining popularity in Western countries for its vast range of uses and benefits. This oil is particularly effective at revitalizing your skin, hair and nails. Countless products are sitting on the shelves of beauty counters to improve the way you look, but argan oil might be one of the most potent of all, as well as being entirely natural.

You have probably heard of argan oil by now, but you may not be too familiar with the real details of this magnificent product. Today, we will take a look at the history of liquid gold, along with the necessary information you need to know.

Don’t forget to check our tips on how to find authentic argan oil, since duplicate ones may not show the desired results.

So, without further ado, let’s learn all about argan oil:

1. Things You Need to Know About the Fascinating History of Argan Oil

argan treesThe Moroccan village, Argana, is the native homeland of several argan trees. This village is located not far from the famous city of Agadir.

Nowadays, you can find argan trees growing wild all across the south-western section of the country. They are particularly popular with the local goat population, who enjoy climbing up the trees to eat the argan fruit. Inside this fruit is an extremely hard nut, which stocks small kernels. These kernels are the storehouse of liquid gold.

Argan oil has been a big part of Moroccan culture for thousands of years now. Historians have discovered traces of the oil being used as a beauty product as far back as 1550 BC. An explorer by the name of Leo Africanus encountered the oil in 1510 and brought it to Europe, where it became considerably prevalent with members of high society and royalty.

The Berber women of Morocco are renowned around the world for their beautiful hair and skin. These women attribute their striking appearances to the extraordinary effects of argan oil, which they apply regularly to their skin, hair and nails.

In more recent times, Western scientists have taken a more pronounced interest in liquid gold. Scientists have undertaken many studies lately to understand the restorative benefits of argan oil. They have discovered that this oil is rich in countless valuable components like vitamins, antioxidants and minerals.

Nowadays, people are using argan oil all around the world. People who love to use natural and organic products on their bodies, rather than investing in chemical-laden creams and lotions, especially favor this product. Native Moroccan women have since formed their own businesses to commercialize this oil and improve their quality of life. Want to know how? Continue reading.

2. Why You Should Love Argan Oil: Characteristics of the Healing Argan Tree

local goats to climb up the trees
Photo by Mikel Santamaria / CC BY-SA

The tree that produces the argan oil is quite a sight. Here are a few of its characteristics:

i. It has a relatively short trunk, but usually possesses a host of winding branches that can stretch for up to 35 feet in length.

ii. This web of branches makes it easy for the local goats to climb up the trees and eat the argan fruit. Goats typically munch the outer flesh of the fruit and leave the hard nut behind.

iii. The argan tree is a fruit tree. The fruit itself is similar to an olive in terms of shape and size. It matures in summer and turns from green to a pleasing shade of yellow.

Want to know what’s so special about goats eating argan fruit? We’ll discover that later in the article.

3. Your Argan Oil Supply: UNESCO Protection of Fading Argan Trees

Despite being native to the region, the Argan trees have been struggling to survive in their homeland of Morocco.

Fortunately, UNESCO decided to step in and offer its protection to the liquid gold trees. UNESCO protection has limited the supply of argan oil and makes it an expensive and rare commodity.

UNESCO’s Man and Biosphere Program works to preserve and protect the argan trees from extinction. This program aims to keep the world green, protect argan trees from exploitation and preserve some of the world’s rarest natural elements.

UNESCO has given the reserve status to a large area of Morocco. The reserve covers 2,560,000 hectares of land, which is home to more than 2,000,000 people. These people rely on argan trees for ecological benefits, food, shelter, medication and sustenance.

4. Not Just for Your Face: The Argan Tree Is Valuable for Ecological Reasons, Too

Moroccan people
Photo by Chrumps / CC BY-SA

Argan oil is valuable in Western countries for its cosmetic benefits, but the argan tree has many more uses in its homeland. The argan tree is of vast ecological prominence because:

i. For the Moroccan people, the argan tree offers food, shelter and survival.

ii. It helps keep the area green and flourished with wildlife, which prevents large swathes of the country from turning into deserts.

iii. The argan trees act as physical barriers to thwart any erosion or damage occurring to the environment.

iv. This therapeutic tree is beneficial for agriculture across the country. It has helped aquifers to grow, which encourage the growth of various crops.

v. The trees provide shade for various vital crops to grow in large regions. All of this is important for farmers, who rely on their harvests to survive and earn a living.

5. Your Role in This: How Consumers Offer Sustainability to Moroccan People in Need

Argan trees are of huge significance to the Moroccan people. The rising fame of the rejuvenating benefits of argan oil has saved argan trees from extinction. Not only environmental organizations like UNESCO, but businesses and investors from around the world are safeguarding these trees.

argan oil
Photo by Tienvbui / CC BY-SA

The support from all of the customers who purchase argan oil for commercial use helps local Berber people, too. This means every time you buy the organic liquid gold that the Moroccan people have ecologically sourced, you are favoring the environment and helping locals conserve their land and enjoy better lives.

Instead of using your money on chemical-laden lotions that are produced by global corporations, it’s much wiser and greener to support the Moroccan people with a purchase of argan oil.

Now, let’s learn about the tedious process of argan oil extraction.

6. From Tree to Your Table: The Extraction of Liquid Gold is a Daunting Task

For centuries now, the Berber women have been the ones responsible for extracting the argan oil from the fruit of the argan tree. In an age of machinery and robotics, it’s encouraging to see talented and hard-working humans using their skills to create a fully natural product. The process of extraction is broken down into numerous stages. It can take up to 15 hours to obtain just one liter of argan oil.

Role of Goats in the Extraction of Argan Oil
Initially, goats were involved in the extraction. The goats ate the fruit and left behind the nuts for Berber women to crack. This was a more efficient method because it allowed locals to skip the peeling stage of the process, which therefore saved them lots of time.

argan fruits
Photo by Daniel D / CC BY-SA

Unfortunately, the involvement of goats can affect the aroma of the argan oil. Therefore, people now collect the fruit directly to obtain argan oil. The argan fruits mature in summer and then fall off the trees in the months that follow. Berber women collect these fruits for oil extraction.

Here are the stages of argan oil extraction:

Peeling the Fruit
First, the Berber women peel the fruit to reach the vital part, the nut. Around the nut are several layers of pulp. They usually crush the fruit between some stones. Humans cannot eat pulp, so they provide it to animals as food.

Now, It’s Time To Crack The Tough Nut
The Berber women again make use of stones to crack the hard nuts. This is a delicate task as too much pressure could damage the valuable seeds located inside the nut.

Each nut will contain between one and three kernels, which Berber women use to extract argan oil. These hard-working women use the remaining shell of the nut for crafting various things, like pottery.

Mashing the Seeds
After Berber women have extracted the seeds, they take them to a mill where these seeds are ground into a mash. The highly experienced Berber women carefully knead this mash to filter the valuable liquid gold. They use the remaining mash for animal food.

The Final Step: Decantation and Filtration
The Berber women leave the extracted oil in a decanter for a couple of weeks. This process allows any sediment to gather at the bottom of the barrel. They then remove the clear oil and filter it multiple times to make it as pure as possible.

Note: You may actually notice some sediment in the argan oil bottles you spot in shops, but this isn’t an indication of impure oil. The presence of sediment essentially shows that the oil is genuine.

7. Know the Differences: Culinary and Cosmetic Argan Oil

There are two distinct varieties of argan oil. They are:

Argan Oil for Cooking
Argan Oil for CookingTo prepare culinary argan oil, Berber women roast the kernels slightly before grinding them into a mash. This ensures that the resulting oil has a light, nutty flavor which can enhance your recipes.

It’s also interesting to note that when the kernels are roasted, they produce more oil during extraction. This means that the cooking variety of argan oil is cheaper to produce and buy.

Argan Oil for Cosmetic Purposes
When Berber people prepare cosmetic argan oil, they keep the seeds unroasted, which make the oil more concentrated.

Cosmetic argan oil is more expensive as more kernels are required to produce sufficient amounts. It may still have a nutty scent, but this will be much more subtle as compared to the cooking oil.

Note: Don’t buy “deodorized” Argan Oil. The process used to take the aroma out of the oil impairs the revivifying properties of authentic argan oil.

8. Why Argan Oil Works for You: The Valuable Ingredients of Argan Oil

In order to appreciate its many qualities, you need to know about the chemical makeup of argan oil, such as:

i. Unsaturated fatty acids, sterols, squalene and vitamin E.

ii. Healthy nutrients and essential fats that your body needs to stay healthy.

iii. No toxins, harsh preservatives, colorings or harmful chemicals.

9. From Local to Global: How Your Love of Argan Oil is Changing the Moroccan Landscape

potential customersIf you love using argan oil, you need to understand how the global admiration of argan oil has changed many things in Morocco. Nowadays, argan oil has gone from a little-known commodity used exclusively by the Berber women in Morocco, to a famous substance with a worldwide buzz. In the modern world, many skin industries are purchasing liters of authentic argan oil for their potential customers.

Here are some of the changes argan oil has brought to the people of Morocco:

More Funding. More financial resources have modernized the process of argan oil extraction. Argan oil has garnered its reputation in rich countries, so people are willing to pay more money for the best product.

No More Goats. Manufacturers have removed goats from the extraction process to avoid a particularly distinct scent most people do not prefer. They use machines with larger grinders and crushers to extract and grind the nuts and meet the increasing global need of argan oil.

Massive Market Growth. The massive investments made for argan oil has led to the development of various commercial entities who are making a profit from liquid gold.

An Improved Quality of Life. In addition, the country of Morocco itself is delighting in more tourism and seeing local businesses booming. With so much success, the quality of life has vastly improved for people living in the regions that contain argan trees.

More Jobs For The Local People. Even though machines are becoming a larger part of the argan oil extraction process, local people are deeply involved and enjoying the many benefits from argan oil’s global success story.

Better Education, Better Lives. The Berber women in particular are now able to live at a much higher standard. Thousands of them have earned good amounts of money from the manufacture of argan oil. They are able to look after their children and send them to school, which in turn is boosting education levels in the area.

10. The Increasing Global Demand: Could Argan Oil Disappear Tomorrow?

Global warming
Photo by woodleywonderworks / CC BY

In spite of the huge success of argan oil, the argan tree is still at risk. Global warming and other environmental factors, such as climatic changes have put the future of the tree in uncertainty. In addition, the increase in goat populations on local farms have been destructing trees and dropping the overall size of the argan forests.

Fortunately, the protection offered by UNESCO and other environmental organizations is helping conserve argan forests.

11. What Liquid Gold Has to Offer You

The antioxidants contained in liquid gold help fight against cancer and other diseases. In addition, argan oil offers a myriad of advantages to your skin, nails and hair. It battles the effects of aging and keeps your skin looking smooth and feeling supple.

Here’s a list of healing advantages of argan oil:

i. Brightens your skin tone.

ii. Improves your complexion.

iii. Fights the signs of aging like wrinkles and spots.

iv. Reinforces the protective barriers of your skin, preventing dehydration.

v. Helps to heal different skin disorders like dryness, acne and eczema.

vi. Fades stretch marks from weight gain or pregnancy.

vii. Strengthens individual hair strands and helps hair glow.

viii. Make your nails stronger.

12. Some Handy Argan Oil Treatments You Can Use Right at Home

If you are planning to incorporate argan oil into your beauty regimen, check the ways you can use liquid gold from the comfort of your own home. Here are 10 invigorating recipes for a more beautiful you:

Face Moisturizer
Cleanse your faceYou can apply argan oil directly to your face as an excellent moisturizing agent. Follow these steps:

i. Cleanse your face and neck with water and your usual skincare face wash.

ii. Apply a few drops of argan oil directly to your skin.

iii. Massage the oil gently into your skin with your fingertips. You will notice it will absorb onto your skin quickly.

Hydrating Toner

i. Mix a few drops of liquid gold in with the facial toner of your choice. This will lift the effects of your toner and help it to hydrate your skin effectively.

ii. You could even make your own toner by mixing some argan oil with a bit of rose water.

Rejuvenating Face Mask
Add a few drops of liquid gold to your regular face mask. Alternatively, you can make your own argan oil face mask. Here is how:


i. A few drops of argan oil

ii. Three teaspoons of Greek yogurt

iii. One tablespoon of lemon juice

iv. One tablespoon of honey


i. Combine all the ingredients together to form a consistent paste.

ii. Apply this paste to your face gently.

iii. Let it rest there for 10 minutes before rinsing away.

Exfoliating Lip Scrub and Moisturizer
lips rosierIf you want to make your lips rosier, try this recipe:


i. Two to three drops of argan oil

ii. One or two drops of vanilla extract

iii. A tablespoon or two of brown sugar


i. Mix the ingredients together to form a paste.

ii. Rub the resulting paste lightly into your lips and rinse it away.

To Make Your Face Glow
Add one or two drops of argan oil to your foundation or bronzer to moisturize your face and help it glow.

For Your Hair: A Leave-On Conditioner
Add a few drops of argan oil to your shampoo for lustrous hair. Alternatively, follow these steps for an effective conditioner that will give your hair a super glow and silky feel.

i. After taking a shower, rub a few drops of liquid gold into your hair.

ii. Rub the oil in all the way down to the scalp, so it can fully moisturize your head.

iii. Let it absorb into your hair and scalp.

Make Your Hair Smoother
You can use argan oil to give your frizzy hair a stunning style.

i. Rub a few drops into dry hair. This will give your hair a beautiful shine and straighten out any frizzy areas.

Your Overnight Hair Treatment
hairFor a super-easy hair treatment, follow these steps:

i. Rub a generous amount of argan oil all over your hair.

ii. Make sure to go right down to the roots of your hair.

iii. Wrap a towel around your head and leave it on overnight.

iv. On the next morning, wash your hair and notice that beautiful shine in your tresses.

Soften Your Cuticles and Heels
Use a few drops of argan oil to strengthen your nails. Rub the liquid gold into your cuticles and let it absorb into your nails. By repeating this treatment on a regular basis, you will notice your nails will grow faster and stronger.

You can also use argan oil to soften the dry patches of skin around your heels. Apply a bit of oil onto the affected area and then put your socks on. The oil will gradually absorb into your skin and moisturize any dry areas. Over time, your feet will develop a soft and supple texture.

Feed Your Skin: A Nutritious and Gentle Body and Bath Oil
Mix a few drops of this restorative oil into your bath oils or body lotions. This is even safe to use on babies and will help to provide plenty of vital nutrients for your skin.

13. Going for the Liquid Gold: Places You Can Buy Argan Oil

Now that you have seen the countless benefits offered by liquid gold and you know the best ways to use it, you are probably wondering how to get your hands on some.

onlineThe good news is that argan oil is easy to find nowadays. You can usually find it in local health stores, online, or even in supermarkets. However, you need to be careful to ensure you get the best product, directly from the Moroccan people.

When you buy online, you can easily search for plenty of information about any product before making a purchase. In local stores, it may be difficult to know the origin of the argan oil and if it was ecologically-sourced. There are also many unscrupulous companies selling impure argan oil that won’t be as effective as the real stuff.

14. What to Watch Out for When You Buy Argan Oil

When you shop, look for argan oil that:

i. Only contains argan oil as an ingredient, not any other additives.

ii. Is golden yellow in color and has a subtle nutty scent.

iii. Does not feel greasy or watery to the touch.

iv. Comes from a fully-certified provider of liquid gold. Look for phrases like “cold-pressed,” “100 percent pure” or “Made in Morocco” on the bottle. Keep an eye out for the ECOCERT logo, too.

v. It contains some traces of sediment or appears a bit cloudy.

15. Ways to Keep Your Liquid Gold Safe

Keep these things in mind in order to keep your argan oil fresh:

dont use expired oili. Light breaks down the oil’s nutritive properties, so keep the product in a dark place and store it in a dark glass bottle.

ii. Store it in a dark cupboard. Ideally, you should keep it between 50 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

iii. Argan oil also has its own expiration date, so be sure to read the label and don’t use expired oil.

With so many benefits and uses, it’s no wonder that argan oil is prevalent around the world and known as liquid gold. This natural reviving product is rich in therapeutic nutrients that can help you get better skin, hair and nails. So don’t wait any longer, start using argan oil today.

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