In today’s fast paced cosmetic culture, we are always searching for ways to look and feel younger so we can always step out into the world feeling fabulous from head to toe. There are hundreds of products available to add in to your daily beauty regimen, but argan oil is a must have in your medicine cabinet.

Berber women, native to Morocco, work to harvest the oil from the argan trees that grow only in the Moroccan region. As it is a slow and tedious process, small amounts of the oil prove to hold great value know that its popularity is spreading. Believe it or not, it can take up to three days for one woman to make a single liter of oil.

With the race to find the fountain of youth, many people are beginning to explore more of the organic solutions available for skin care, hair conditioning and other various health benefits.  Before you race out and buy anything though, make sure you are familiar with the different types of oils available and exactly how they can benefit you.

1. What to Look for When Buying Argan Oil

pure argan oil
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One way to ensure you are buying the right oil is to purchase the products that don’t have a laundry list of ingredients included. Pure means pure, which should lead to only one ingredient – argan oil.

Some companies will mix pure argan oil with other less expensive oils to save cost and boost profits. Sometimes you may not be looking to buy pure oil, and in that case look for the product that fits your needs best. It’s important to pay close attention to ingredient labels with any argan oil product you purchase. This is why reading the information on the product bottle is crucial.

Also, knowing that certain items are often diluted with other substances or fillers, by reading the labels you can ensure that your products are harvested and manufactured in a superior manner.  It never hurts to double check what you’re spending your hard earned cash on, so here are a few tips to follow when researching which products to purchase.

It can be used in so many different ways, and is a miracle worker on your hair, skin and nails. If you are hoping to add some much needed shine to your hair, argan oil can mend and condition your hair down to the roots while getting rid of the dull worn appearance of your locks. Here are a few different ways to turn heads with argan oil use in your hair.

2. Leave-In Conditioner

As an alternative to your standard shampoo and conditioner routine, try using argan oil as a leave-in conditioner when styling you hair. The oil itself isn’t too greasy, which means it won’t leave your hair looking greasy either. If rubbed into the scalp, it cans stimulate hair growth overall, leaving you within thicker healthier looking hair.

Try rubbing a few drops of the oil into your hands, then running in through the length of your hair. The amount of oil you use will depend on how long your hair, with longer hair obviously using a bit more than would be expected for short to medium lengths. This will assist with the elimination of broken strands or split ends, and can also protect from heat damage caused by using equipment like flat irons, hairdryers and curling irons.

3. Intense Conditioning Treatment

dry or damaged hair
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For a deeper effect of treatment to repair dry or damaged hair, you can also use argan oil   as a deep conditioning treatment overnight. This can be done simply by massaging the oil into your scalp and down through the rest of your hair. For an even more intense result to the treatment, try heating up the oil before application to the scalp.

As you can probably imagine, oil can work wonders but it can also be messy. Once the argan oil is applied to the hair and scalp, wrap it with a towel or sleep with a shower cap for the night. This will avoid any unwanted mess on your sheets and pillowcases. When you wake up the next day, wash and rinse the oil from your hair, and style as usual for a full bodied glowing look.

Using the oil as both a daily conditioner and for deep conditioner treatments can also help rid and prevent chronic trouble with dandruff and other scalp irritations.

Your skin can also benefit greatly from the regular use of argan oil when directly applied directly to the surface. In the winters month’s in particular, our skin takes a beating from the elements and needs extra attention to keep healthy and young. Here are a few different ways to use argan oil to keep your skin looking forever young.

4. Natural Moisturizer

Argan oil, pure or in a diluted form, can be mixed in with coconut oil creating an intense homemade lotion that will sip life back into your skin. Simply add a few small drops of argan oil into the coconut oil and then spread graciously over any dry skin area. This also can work great on the tough skin on your heels and feet, and will overtime help to repair long term damage to your skin from years of wear and tear.

5. Lip Moisture Treatment

Next time, skip picking up your boring old chap stick and try argan oil. instead. If applied directly to your lips, the oil will get to work right away in repairing the skin cells so easily be damaged during our busy days on the go. This will also help to keep you lips feeling kissable and soft during those cold winter months.

6. Exfoliator In the Bath or Shower

morning showerExfoliating during your morning shower or relaxing night time bath can scrub the dead and dull cells off from the top layers of your skin, helping it to breathe and glow just the way you want it to. Adding a few drops of argan oil to your sugar scrub or loofah will give you a younger looking complexion. Try also adding a touch of brown sugar into the exfoliator, as this will ensure the argan oil’s nutrients absorbed into your skin.

Spend a little time researching easy at home recipes for exfoliators that you can cook up yourself. This poses as a much less expensive treatment, and when you add in the few drops of argan oil, you will be amazed with the results. It will leave your skin looking ten years younger, and it will leave you feeling like you just stepped out of a high priced estheticians office.

7. Acne Prevention

No one likes to deal with the hassle of acne and poorly timed breakouts, but it’s something many of us at some point or another in life will have to deal with. If you are prone to particularly oily or uneven skin, argan oil can help to even your complexion and work to prevent the potential for unwanted acne spots.

Some inspiring news for anyone that is suffering from acne is that argan oil has been proven to reduce sebum levels in individuals with oily skin. It doesn’t matter how old you are, acne can development at any point in life, and can be caused by a number of different variables.

There are, of course, a ton of options on the market today at top dollar prices praised to eliminate acne, but with argan oil you can keep things on the lighter side of your wallet and more natural than using heavy chemicals to treat breakouts. The argan oil, when rubbed into the skin on your face, will help smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It can also help to reduce any noticeable inflammation from isolated breakouts.

8. Overnight Moisturizer

beautiful faceMuch like the deep conditioning hair treatments out there with argan oil, you can apply a couple drops of the pure oil onto your face after washing off your makeup. This will provide hours of intense rejuvenation to your beautiful face while you sneak in some well-deserved beauty rest.

No need to go overboard with this approach. It is often recommended to simply rub in a small drop or two onto your face and neck, then let the oil work its magic.

9. Do It Yourself Skin Toner

Here’s another little known secret to spicing up your everyday skin toner. Go ahead and add a few drops of argan oil into your regularly used toner to see an extra shine to your skin all day long! Much like making other scrubs and exfoliants, there are a ton of recipes available online to make your toner from ingredients found right at home. Check out this fast and easy idea below:

i. Pour hot water over one green tea-bag.

ii. Let steep 7 – 10 minutes.

iii. Detach tea bag and cool to room temperature.

iv. Now Add 2-4 drops of argan oil.

v. Seal in a pot and use daily.

This concoction can be used both morning and night, and will definitely not disappoint once you see even just a sliver of results.

10. Razor Burn and Razor Bumps

An unfortunate common side effect of shaving often brings uncomfortable razor bumps or irritable burns, and can be challenging to get rid of. When swimsuit season is in full swing, you want to make sure your skin is in pristine condition. Adding a little argan oil to the skin immediately after shaving can help to alleviate some of the discomfort of left behind scrapes, bumps or burns. This trick works equally well for both men and women.

shaving productsThe healing effects of the oil will surely impress you. Just warm up a few drops of the oil in your hands and then nicely massage into the sensitive skin. Over time, some people even notice a decrease in the number of ingrown hairs that pop up as well. This can be used along with other shaving products, but always be cautious and watch for any open wounds to the skin. Be careful when dealing with more severe burns, and if necessary talk to your dermatologist.

11. Stretch Marks

Argan oil is packed full of vital nutrients that will help your skin heal unwelcomed stretch marks across the skin. Regular application to the skin can help avoid stretch marks by improving the elasticity of the skin. Use a few drops of argan oil in your hands and lightly massage your hips, stomach, thighs or any other problematic areas. By rubbing the oil in your palms, your body naturally warms the oils, which kicks in its healing features.

The vitamins A and E found in the argan oil will work overtime for your skin in hopes to prevent future stretch marks from presenting. It also gives your skin a strong elasticity boost, making you feel you and beautiful.

If you have fallen victim to pre-existing stretch marks, the brown sugar and oil method used in many exfoliators also works wonders to slowly decrease visibility of existing marks.

12. Makeup Add-In

Especially in the summer time, we all want that sun kissed look, but without the harmful exposure to prolonged sunshine. One easy trick to adding a hint of glimmer into your complexion is to add a drop or two into your everyday makeup products you have at home. It also helps to keep your foundation looking fresh instead of worn and cracking.

You can also add in a few drops of oil to your favorite mask treatments to up the moisturizing effects of the product. If you use a clay mask at night, simply rub in a few drops of argan oil into the paste before applying directly to your face. Then sit back and allow the mask to dry, harden or cool – depending on what type of product you typically use. After rinsing, this process will leave your face glowing with radiance rather than shiny or greasy looking.

13. Finger Nail Strengthener

nailIf you are prone to thin or brittle nails, argan oil will help you build back up the health of each nail with regular use. By applying directly to the nail and gently rubbing the oil in, its restorative capabilities can get to work right away and the natural vitamins begin to absorb and bring some shine back to your nails. People often see a significant improvement in the overall look and strength of their nails after extended use.

14. Cuticle Treatment

Just a drop on each cuticle will help them to heal over time, and also massage the argan oil deep into the nail bed. This will reduce the number of hang nails you experience, and can help protect your nails against further damage after polish or fake nails.

The healing power of the argan oil on your nail beds will help to break away dry and cracked cuticles. This way, your manicure will be a piece of cake, and your cuticles will easily push back or loosen enough to trim them.

15. Sunburn Relief

No one likes the feeling of a fresh sunburn, and we all know it is dangerous to submit your beautiful skin to prolonged sun exposure. Even with all of the outreach on the importance of sunscreen, sunburns seem to happen once in a while anyway. To help soothe the pain and sensitivity to the burned area, try applying oil gently over your skin. This will not only help to mediate the pain, but it help to heal your skin faster so you can get back to feeling fantastic.

There are so many ways you can take advantage of using argan oil in your daily beauty treatments. Even if you decide to only try one or two of the ideas above, be ready to be amazed by the fast acting results you will notice to your hair skin and nails. Who knew a few tiny drops of oil could make such an impact?

As consumers, we must also make the effort to remember and appreciate the rarity of the product when shopping for oils, and try and find the best products to suit your needs. The beautiful country of Morocco puts their all into the production of their most popular export.

rejuvenating benefitsLearning about the process and production of this miracle oil offers us a glimpse into the culture of Morocco and the long standing history on the use of the product. To know that a tiny fruit can provide such benefits is truly amazing. Let it work its magic for you. Next time you are shopping for cosmetics, pick up a small bottle of argan oil and see what it can do for you.

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